About Us

Hello fellow car enthusiasts!

EveryDayShowCar is a small website ran by myself, Josh Wilkins. I’m a college student learning auto body repair with a passion for detailing and cars all around.

My aim for the website is to post educational content and unbiased reviews while increasing my own knowledge about cars. You can expect to find articles on Body repair, Detailing, and Mechanical topics.

EDSC operates as a business. Once I’m through college I plan to open up my own detail & Bodyshop under the name “EveryDayShowCar”, for this reason, we do monetize the site.

Many of the product links you will find in our content are affiliate links. If you click on the link and purchase the product I’ll get a small commission.

This will in no way affect the products that are recommended. All reviews are unbiased, impartial and are written to educate our readers.