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Best Car Wheel Chocks

The best wheel chocks to hold your car in place

A lot of people overlook wheel chocks but they’re a great piece of equipment that can potentially save your life. Whenever you’re lifting up either end of a vehicle using a floor jack, you should place wheel chocks…

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How To Make DIY Wheel Chocks For Your Car in 5 Minutes

DIY Wheel Chock

When it comes to working on cars, safety is very important and it’s important you do it right. If you’re lifting the rear end of a car you should always chock the front wheels. This is because the…

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The Best Wheel Well Brushes [2021]

best wheel well brushes for cleaning wheel liners

When cleaning a car, it’s common for people to neglect the wheel wells. I’m guilty of it myself, more often than not, I just rinse them off as part of the pre-wash stage. Depending on the type of…

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Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Review – The #1 Wheel Cleaner?

Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Review

Bilt Hamber is an award-winning car detailing and finishing product manufacturer. They’re a UK-based manufacturer that ships all around Europe. They’ve started to branch out into the States, but, it will cost you significantly more to buy a…

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How To Remove Ceramic Coating High Spots & Streaks With Ease

Ceramic coating is a great product and definitely one that you should use on your car. Using ceramic coating on your car comes with a whole host of benefits, such as improved water beading, protection from UV rays,…

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Best Hand Pump Foam Sprayer For Snow Foam

best hand pump foam sprayer

Pump sprayers can be used to apply most car cleaning products. Professionals often use them for soaps, snow foam, or even traffic film remover. In this case, I’m going to list what I believe to be the best…

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Best Car Wax For Pressure Washers

best car wax for pressure washers

There are very few car waxes for pressure washers. However, Applying wax by hand and buffing it can be a time-consuming process. Especially if you’re someone that’s really fussy about the finish of their car. If you’ve ever…

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What is The Best Pre-Wash For Cars?

The Best Pre-Wash For Cars

Pre-washing your car helps to prevent scratches and makes stubborn dirt much easier to remove. The question is… what is the best pre wash for cars? I’m sure that you’re already aware of snow foam. It’s by far…

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