Best Air Con Cleaner & Sanitiser Bombs

With everything that’s going on in the world, making sure that your car stays clean and fresh is important. Especially if you’re using it everyday, or are spending a lot of time in your vehicle.

One of the best ways to do this is with a Air Con Cleaner.

A dirty air con can cause a lot more issues than you think.

As the air con system is used, it collects a lot of dust, pollen and mold from both inside and outside of the car. As time goes on, this could exaggerate allergies, asthma and may even cause and spread infections.

To prevent this from happening, all that you need to do is use an air con cleaner. They’re reasonably priced, will clean the air con system completely while eliminating any bad odours that it was creating.

Some air con cleaners and sanitiser bombs even include anti-microbial agents which will help to prevent and kill any mold from growing.

Best Air Con Cleaners

The best air con cleaners are reasonably priced, easy to use and eliminate all odours stemming from the air conditioning system.

Below are 4 different Air Con Cleaners that I recommend. These are all perfectly safe to use and will clean out any air conditioning system you can think of.

Nextzett Klima Cleaner

Nextzett Klima Cleaner is the best Air con cleaner

Some “air con cleaners” simply neutralise or mask odors. When you use these products, the smell is likely to return very quickly.

The thing that sets Nextzett Klima Cleaner apart is the fact that it directly targets and removes the source of the odor.

This means, whenever you use Nextzett it’s completely cleaning out your air conditioning system, removing all the dirt & grime from the heart of the air con system.

For best results, you have to remove the blower fan and insert the spray tube through the main intake vent. It’s recommended that you do this every 3-6 months, while changing the pollen/cabin filters too.

If you buy this product, it’s important that you follow the instructions to a tee. If you don’t, it wont work, meaning you’ve wasted both time and money.

When used correctly, this is probably the best value for money air con cleaner you can get. It’ll clean out the core of your AC system, eliminate all odours and is completely free of harsh chemicals.

DWD2 Clean AIR Premium (Foaming AC Cleaner)


While it’s by far the most expensive product on this list, coming in at almost double the price of the 2nd cheapest option, DWD2 is proven by mold specialists to effictively remove contaminants from your cars AC.

Just like Nextzetts Klima Cleaner, it targets the source of the odor and removes them, rather than killing the odor itself.

Offering immense cleaning power, DWD2 is strong enough to break down road grime and other debris that’s built up overtime inside of the AC evaporator core.

The product comes with a special delivery system that allows the foaming cleaner to completely cover your evaporater, leaving behind 0 dirt.

It’s 100% safe to use. It’s not toxic or corrosive and it’s even bio-degradable.

Upon first glance, it’s super expensive, especially for a 1 time use product. However, Nextzett recommends using Klima cleaner every 3-6 months whereas DWD2 tells us to expect a full year of freshness.

This means that, overtime if you follow the recommended periods of application, you’ll actually save money using this one.

Both do the same job though, completely cleaning your AC’s evaporator core without the risk of rust or inhaling toxins while driving.

Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor EliminatorĀ 

Meguairs Whole Car Air Refresher

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Meguiars products. I believe that they’re very well priced and almost always perform as expected.

Meguiars Whole Car Air Refresher is slightly different to the other products on this list. It comes with 5 different scents to choose from, and is a one-time-use product.

The best scent (in my opinion) is the “new car smell”.

Unlike the other products on this list, it’s not supposed to be sprayed into the AC system itself.

Instead with the air con on full blast, press the locking trigger on the can, place it down on the seat or centre console and shut your car doors.

With this done, you should leave the car for approximately 15 minutes before returning.

If you followed the instructions properly, you’ll return to a strongly scented interior. It’s recommended that you open the doors or windows afterwards and let the car air out a little before use.

Because it’s literally “just an air freshener”, it comes in slightly cheaper than the other products on this list.

If you’ve smoked in your car or done food deliveries and need to remove the scent, this is perfect.

However, If you’re looking to completely clean your AC you should buy Nextzett’s Klima Cleaner.

Armor All Car Air Freshener and Cleaner

Armor All Fresh FX Vent & Air Duct Cleaner

How much do you value a clean air conditioning system? If it’s not very highly, then Armor All may be a cheap solution to your problems.

Armor Alls Car Air Freshener and Cleaner is an odor neutralizer that’s designed specifically for HVAC systems. You can use it on your vents, evaporator core and drain pan area.

Using this product will help you to eliminate many of the odors that are caused by mold and mildew that was a result of condensation.

While the product description calls it an odor neutraliser, it also claims to remove light dirt that resides in the pipes and evaporator core. They even go on to add that this product is “not a mask or a cover-up”.

The 2 positives about this product has to be the fact that it’s so easy to use. All you need to do is spray it directly into the vents and let it work its magic.

It’s also incredibly cheap. It’s the cheapest on this list by about 50%.

That said, there is questions about how long this product lasts. Obviously it’s a one-time use product, but I’ve heard people suggesting that the smells return after a while.

Maybe this is because they didn’t use the full can, or just not enough? I can’t say.

However, for a fiver, I’d say it’s worth giving it a shot.