3 Of The Best Decal Eraser Wheels

Using the best decal eraser wheels, you’ll be able to make your clear again in a matter of seconds.

Decal Eraser Wheels are the best way to remove decals, vinyl, adhesives and much more from your car.

An eraser wheel is a drill attachment, so if you don’t have a drill, you’ll have to buy one.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a wheel, you could buy a heat gun and remove vinyls that way.

The Best Decal Eraser Wheels

I’m not going to lie to you. Most of the decal eraser wheels are the same, especially if you are buying cheap.

They all do the same thing and depending on the user, are safe most, if not all of the time.

There is a couple of things that you need to consider though.

Cheap wheels will often burn through a lot quicker, meaning if you have a lot of crap to remove, you may need to buy multiple.

I’ve also found some eraser wheels to be harder and much more aggressive, this could be an issue for old or poorly prepped paint.

As long as you get a high-quality wheel and don’t go too crazy, you should be fine.

If you have a cheap wheel that burns through quickly and is rock solid, you’re definitely putting your paint at risk.

This is why I recommend the 3m Stripe Off Eraser Wheel to most people. It’s very high quality, but does come at a cost.

3M Stripe Off Wheel

The 3M Stripe Off wheel is among the most expensive caramac/eraser wheels you’re going to find.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

3M are a huge company and there products are used across many body shops. When you buy 3M know you’re buying a quality product.

The stripe off wheel was originally designed to remove decals and stripes from the paintwork of cars, but is also great for vinyl, tape and other graphics.

With a 4 Inch diameter and 5/8’s of an inch thickness, this wheel is brilliant for removing decals in small, hard to reach places.

The max RPM of this wheel is 4000, you shouldn’t really be reaching that speed though as you’ll just burn through the wheel quicker.

3M promise that this wheel is durable and will provide a long service life, but that mostly depends on how the user uses it.

It’s certainly not going to rip apart the first time you take it to your paint though.

You can buy the 3M Stripe Off Wheel From Amazon!

The Official “Wonder Wheel”

The Official Wonder Wheel is a wheel made by Whizzy Wheels. It’s also claimed to be the original eraser wheel.

This is a product that I was particularly surprised with because it’s cheaper than the 3M wheel and is just as good, if not better.

In terms of size, it’s pretty similar to the stripe off wheel with a 4 inch diameter. However, it’s almost 1 inch thick. That’s almost twice as thick.

Whizzy wheels claims that this product is 100% successful in removing all vinyls, decals, tapes and stickers, no matter how stubborn they are.

This wheel is safe to use on all painted surfaces, however, you should always test in a discrete area first.

If you’re unfortunate and the paint chips, testing it in a discrete area will mean that you don’t see it as much.

I believe this wheel is one of the safest ones you’ll find though.

Whizzy wheels are that confident in their product they offer 3 year warranty & a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For almost 1/3rd of the price of the 3M Wheel the wonder wheel offers insane value for money.

You can’t really go wrong when buying this product.

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Whizzy Wheel Car Decal Remover

Another whizzy wheels product.

This whizzy wheel car decal remover is similar to the original, however, it has been updated!

It’s a little more expensive, but is designed to remove decals, adhesives, pinstripes and stickers from cars, trucks, boats, RV’s and windows.

The updated wheel is much better for the environment, requiring no toxic chemicals or skin irritating products.

It’s made out of soft rubber is 100% safe to use on painted surfaces and number plates.

Never use eraser wheels on plastic, it burns through and damages plastic almost instantly.

Another improvement they made was to change from a solid wheel, to a grooved design. This allows for much better air flow and decreases the amount of friction and heat that’s generated.

This is the biggest and heaviest wheel yet. It’s slightly above 4 inches in diameter, almost an inch thick but weighs 300grams.

It’s a very high quality wheel and is priced in the middle of both of the previous options.

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How Many Eraser Wheels Should You Buy?

Eraser Wheels are consumables. As you use them, they’ll break down and begin to get smaller and smaller.

You should stop using the wheel past a certain point, otherwise it could begin to damage your paintwork. Most wheels have markings as to where you should stop, but you can never be too safe.

The number of wheel you will need will vary based on the size of your task. As well as the wheel that you’re buying.

Whizzy Wheels has a guide on what to expect.

How many wonder wheels

Personally, while I believe the eraser wheel is great. I’d only really use it for small tasks or removing leftover car trim adhesives.

If you’re looking at taking on bigger decals, you’re much better off getting yourself a heat gun and pealing the decals off.

Choosing the eraser wheel for bigger jobs will quickly add up. If you were to buy the original wonder wheel and do both sides on a van, 5 wheels equals well over $50!

Just keep this in mind if you’re quoting a job, or need to remove decals on a budget.