Best Glass Sealants: Best Car Windshield Wax

Imagine being able to drive your car and not have to deal with the dirty windshield afterward.

I’m going to tell you how to wash away all of those bug splats, salt marks, and much more, without the need for actually washing the window.

Ok, I admit, you will actually have to wash the window. However, once you’ve learned about the best glass sealants, waxes, or rain repellent products, everything will become much clearer.

What Is Glass Sealant

Rain repellents and glass sealants are synthetic products that are designed to improve water beading and sheeting on a car windshield.

That’s not all they do though, they provide many other benefits that range from easier maintenance to extra shine.

Rain-X is by far the most well-known rain repellent product, however, you can use spray wax and sealants too.

Why Use Protection On Your Windshield?

Protecting your windshield comes with a number of benefits and it only takes a couple of minutes.

The biggest benefit is that you will experience improved visibility in all weather conditions.

Improved visibility means that you’ll be much safer and be able to assess your surroundings seconds quicker.

At highway speed 1 second = four car lengths.

I know that safety is boring, but, it is part of the reason why this product is so good.

Windshields with these types of products applied become hydrophobic. This means that the rainwater will bead and run off the windscreen, taking a majority of contamination with it.

You also need to remember that your windshield wipers don’t cover the full window. Applying rain-x and similar products will help to clean those hard to reach places around the edge of your windshield.

It’s actually a very useful product for those that have performed a rear wiper delete. I have a C30, the whole tailgate is glass, so I apply rain-x after every wash.

Depending on the type of product you choose, you may also find that they enhance the finish.

There’s not one product fits all, which is why I’ve compiled a list of the best glass sealants, windshield waxes, and rain repellent products below.

Best Glass Sealants & Rain Repellents

In this list, there are 5 different products that will help to protect and maintain the clarity of your windshield.

All of these products differ from each other, some will give you short term benefits, but are easy to apply. Others will give you longer-term benefits, yet, they’re more complicated and will also come at a higher price.

Read the information below and buy the product that is best suited to your needs.

Rain X

For anyone that wants a simple, easy to use rain repellent that is also good value for money, Rain-X is the one.

It’s the original rain repellent product and it’s still recommended today by almost everyone that’s used it.

Rain-X is available in a 16 fluid oz bottle and is super easy to apply. All that you need to do is spray some product onto a folded, dry cloth and wipe it onto the dry glass using circular motions.

After application, you may find that your windscreen looks a little hazy. This is not a problem, simply buff away the haze with a dry microfiber cloth.

What surprises me the most is the product longevity. You can get this product for less than $10 and each application can last at least a month. Obviously the product will wear off quicker during rainier seasons and with frequent washing.

Rain-X is definitely the first product you should try out. It’s the original rain repellent, it’s cheap and it does exactly what it says on the bottle.

You may be tempted to try out the 2-in-1 cleaner and repellent, don’t do it! The repellency is not as good. Make sure to buy the Original.

303 Touchless Sealant

From the cheapest to one of the most expensive. 303 products are well known among detailers for their incredible protective qualities.

While the initial cost is much higher than the other spray sealants on this list, you’re also getting twice as much product. When you work out the price per oz, it’s actually fairly competitively priced.

When you buy this product, you’re getting a versatile sealant that can be used on all exterior surfaces, not just glass. You can thank the Si02 technology for this.

It doesn’t matter whether you apply it to glass, paint or wheels, you’ll see increased water repellency.

303 will also protect your car from water spots, dirt, and other contamination. Just like most other sealants, they help to prevent the contaminants from sticking to your car making them easier to wash off.

I found the application process to be a little unusual, you have to spray it onto a wet car and you don’t need to use a cloth. As soon as you’ve applied the product, you need to rinse it off with a hose or pressure washer.

303 is water activated, this is probably why the application process is the way it is. At least it means no buffing required and you get to see instant results.

The only downside is that it’s very easy to mess up with. While the application does sound simple, if you try to apply the product on a sunny day and it dries quickly, you will end up with a streaky and spotty finish.

It’s important to immediately rinse the product from the car, and be incredibly thorough while doing so.

Gtechniq G1 Clearvision Smart Glass

If you’d prefer to buy a coating from a company that’s known for their ceramic and hydrophobic coatings, this one’s for you.

GTechniq is known in the detailing world for its ceramic coating, Crytal Serum. They also make one of the best tire shine products (in my opinion).

G1 Clear vision is the first “coating” type product on this list. It requires a little bit more preparation and precision during application.

First, you need to shake the bottle well, then apply a small amount to a lint-free applicator pad. It’s recommended to work the product into the glass using a circular motion, before letting it sit for 5 minutes.

When you’re satisfied with the first coat, you should then apply a second layer using a new pad and side to side motions, before leaving it to dry again.

It’s recommended that you apply three coats onto your windshield. This will use up pretty much all of the product.

Finally, you should use the G2 Residue remover (Which is included in the pack), to remove any residue, streaks or hazing.

There’s no doubt that Gtechniq G1 is a more complex product. It’s harder to apply and the chemical bond makes it last up to 2 years or 20,000 miles.

That being said, it’s much more expensive. The 15ml bottle is enough to do your windscreen and that’s it, if you want to do all of your glass, you’ll need to buy 100ml or use another product such as rain x.

Meguiars Perfect Clarity Glass Kit

Anyone that’s ever washed their car or went to an auto store will know of Meguiars, they’re one of the best in the game.

Their perfect glass kit gives you everything you need to protect your windshield. It comes with a polishing compound, glass sealant, and 2 applicator pads.

Using the polishing compound you’ll be able to deep clean your windshield removing any water spots or contaminants that may be on your glass. I’d recommend washing and clay barring your windshield first, the polish is not a replacement for these procedures.

After polishing and buffing your glass you can then apply sealant. Take your foam pad and pour 5-10 drops of product onto the pad. Make sure to work in a crosshatch pattern, going left to right and up and down.

Once applied leave it for 5-25 minutes, depending on the temperature and buff the windscreen using a clean microfiber cloth and tap water.

Despite the multiple steps and products, the application is fairly straight-forward, but, it is time-consuming.

Coming in under $20, you really cannot go wrong with this product. You get enough product to protect all of your windows and it will repel rain and other contaminants for over a month.

If you like product synchronicity you could also buy the perfect clarity glass cleaner to clean your windows before using this kit.

Adam’s Glass Sealant 2.0

It seems as though I can’t write an article without mentioning an Adams product, but for good reason.

Adam’s Glass Sealant is a highly concentrated product that’s reasonably priced, easy to apply, and is longer-lasting than most competing products.

Because it’s “Super concentrated” you only actually get 4oz of product. Don’t worry though, that 4oz is more than enough product to do your windshield, your side windows, and maybe even have some leftover.

Alongside rain-x, this is probably the easiest sealant to apply out of the five. All you need to do is pour the product onto your applicator pad, wipe it on your windscreen and then buff it off.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have “months and months” of protection, beading, and water sheeting, without the haze or streaks.

It’s pretty standard for glass sealants to provide enough product to coat your glass one time round, and the product is competitively priced.

Adams is definitely up there, and if you don’t like it, they guarantee they’ll do everything to make it right.

Should You Put Wax On Windshields?

Putting wax on your windshield can be beneficial. It will help to repel rain & contaminants and may even improve the movement of your windscreen wipers.

I recommend waxing your windshield after every wash. Applying waxes or sealants regularly will help to protect your car and enhance the shine of the glass.

Sparkly clean windows will not only increase vision and improve safety but make your car look pristine.

If you do decide to use a wax, make sure it’s a liquid or spray wax. If I wasn’t already using Rain-X, I’d choose Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax.

Do your research beforehand and ensure that the product doesn’t cause hazing or streaks to occur. The sunlight catching a streaky windshield can be blinding and unsafe for the driver.