Dolphin Glaze Review: Why Its The Best Glaze

Dolphin Glaze Review

Dolphin Glaze is the best glaze available today. It will completely change how you do filler and Bondo work. Making your repairs feel 100x better. By the end of this dolphin glaze review, I promise you that it will become your most used Bondo. I use it every day in the trade and I couldn’t … Read more

How To Clean Bondo Off Tools – 5 Simple Tricks

If you’re new to applying Bondo, you’ll know how much of a mess you can get into. When you’re still learning to apply filler and Bondo properly, it gets everywhere. It gets even worse when applying glazing putty since it’s a lot thinner and runnier. As you become more experienced, it’ll get less messy. However, … Read more