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Understanding the 3 Different Types Of Car Scratches

Car Scratches

Depending on how educated you are on the topic of painting cars, getting a scratch on your car can seem like the end of the world. While scratches are unsightly and annoying to look at, all scratches are…

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How to perform paintless dent repair on a plastic bumper

Plastic Bumper Repair

When I first started paintless dent repair I thought PDR on a plastic bumper was near impossible. I can’t explain my reasoning but I was absolutely dumbfounded when I learned that it wasn’t. While I was wrong about…

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Dry Ice Dent Removal? Is it legit?

Dry Ice Dent Repair

When it comes to Paintless Dent Repair there are many methods that genuinely make you think “WTF?”. But there are also many theories, methods, and myths that logically may work and many people believe do work. Dry Ice…

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5 DIY Dent Removal Kits for Paintless Dent Repair

DIY Dent Removal Kits

The condition of your car often shows what type of person you are. Driving around town with unsightly dents and dings is embarrassing, it paints the image that you’re careless and bad at driving, but really, you just…

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PDR Glue Stick Guide: Everything You Need To Know

PDR glue stick guide

In paintless dent removal, there are two methods of pulling a dent out, one is a glue pull and the other is using suction. It’s important you learn how dent pullers work before you even think about PDR…

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How To Use A Dent Puller: Remove Dents At Home

How To Use A dent Puller

Having dents in your car can be very frustrating, especially if they’re not your fault. Thankfully, there are ways that you can fix these unsightly dents without breaking the bank. There is numerous DIY dent pulling kits available…

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The Best PDR Tools: 7 Essential Dent Removal tools

Best PDR Tools

Every dent is a different shape and size. As a result, there are many different PDR Tools that are made with certain scenarios in mind. Having the right tools for the job and using them correctly can make…

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Paintless Dent Repair Cost: Pay The Right Price

How Much Does PDR Cost

If you don’t already know, Paintless Dent Repair is the act of removing dents without having to repair paint. Since there is no paint and refinishing required, paintless dent repair is normally cheaper than getting your car fixed…

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