Top Picks: 7 Of The Best PDR Tools For Beginners

If you’re brand new to paintless dent repair there are only three things you need to get started. I recommend that beginners do some research before investing in paintless dent repair. Learn what the job actually entails, as it can be very frustrating and tedious. The second thing you’ll need is a car to work … Read more

6 Of The Best Ways To Organize Sockets In Your Toolbox & Tool Bag

how to organize sockets and tools in your tool chest

For some it’s “organized chaos”, for others it’s a complete mess. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tradesman trying to earn bonus or a weekend mechanic, organizing your tools is something that’s important but is always overlooked. In this article, I’m going to show you how to organize sockets in your tool chest and/or tool … Read more

How To Remove Car Trim Adhesive

How To Remove Car Trim Adhesive

If you’ve ever removed mouldings, trims or even car badges, you probably also uncovered a horrible dirty adhesive. While most trims and mouldings are clipped into the car in one way or another, a lot of them are also taped or sealed to the car. The same goes for number plates. A lot of them … Read more

How To Remove Belt Moldings Without Bending Them!

How to remove belt moldings

Belt Moldings, Scraper Seals, Weather strips or whatever you want to call them, can be a pain to remove and refit. Even the most experienced panel beaters, or MET techs are prone to breaking them now and again. The problem is, when you bend or break a belt molding, it’s almost never going to go … Read more