Top Picks: 7 Of The Best PDR Tools For Beginners

If you’re brand new to paintless dent repair there are only three things you need to get started. I recommend that beginners do some research before investing in paintless dent repair. Learn what the job actually entails, as it can be very frustrating and tedious. The second thing you’ll need is a car to work … Read more

How To Remove Hail Dents Yourself

Remove Hail Dents Yourself

There’s nothing worse than seeing your car covered in dents and dings that weren’t your fault. For some, the threat of hail damage is almost non-existent, for others, it’s a common occurrence. Live in an area such as Colorado, Wyoming or Nebraska? I would probably consider moving. (Seriously, Cheyenne is predicted to have over 10 … Read more

PDR Glue Stick Guide: Finding The Best PDR Glue For The Job

PDR glue stick guide

In paintless dent removal, there are two methods of pulling a dent out, glue pulling and suction. It’s important that you learn how dent pullers work before you even think about PDR glue. In this article, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about PDR Glue while also recommending the products that I consider … Read more