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PDR Glue Remover: Which Release Agent To Use?

How TO Remove PDR Glue

When performing Paintless Dent Repair, specifically glue pulling, you’re going to need a glue remover. Even when you buy DIY Dent Repair Kits, they don’t come with PDR Glue Removers. Before you start any repairs, make sure that…

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Best PDR Light Boards: 3 LED PDR Reflector Boards!

best pdr light boards

Having the best light & reflector boards is crucial to achieving the best possible repair. The only problem, especially for beginners, is that these can set you back as much as $400. It’s a huge investment for someone…

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How To Use Paintless Dent Repair Tapping Tools

PDR Knock downs

Paintless Dent Repair, to the untrained eye, looks very, very easy. But, when you actually try to remove a dent, it’s almost certain to go wrong. I would know, I’ve spent many hours of my life getting frustrated…

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How A Body Shop Repairs Hail Damage

Bodyshop repairs

Hail damage is an absolute nightmare and most of the time, there’s very little we can do to prevent it from happening. Sure, if you have a garage, you can leave your car inside, but if you’re caught…

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How To Remove Hail Dents Yourself

Remove Hail Dents Yourself

There’s nothing worse than seeing your car covered in dents and dings that weren’t your fault. For some, the threat of hail damage is almost non-existent, for others, it’s a common occurrence. Live in an area such as…

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Hail Damage Repair Cost: An Honest Price Guide

Hail Damage Repair Cost

If you’re not lucky enough to own a garage or something to park your car under, you could fall victim to hail damage. Unfortunately, if you’ve found this out the hard way, you could have a massive repair…

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How to perform paintless dent repair on a plastic bumper

Plastic Bumper Repair

When I first started paintless dent repair I thought PDR on a plastic bumper was near impossible. I can’t explain my reasoning but I was absolutely dumbfounded when I learned that it wasn’t. While I was wrong about…

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Dry Ice Dent Removal? Is it legit?

Dry Ice Dent Repair

When it comes to Paintless Dent Repair there are many methods that genuinely make you think “WTF?”. But there are also many theories, methods, and myths that logically may work and many people believe do work. Dry Ice…

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