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The advantages & disadvantages of buffing a car

pros and cons of buffing a car

When buffing a car correctly, there are almost zero disadvantages. After a good polish your car comes away from the process looking much cleaner, glossier and even smoother to touch. However, there is one disadvantage (if you’d call…

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Car Upholstery Protectant: Should I Scotchguard My Car?

Should I scotchgard My Car

The detailing industry is filled with products that are dubious at best. Many people question the effectiveness of wax and sealants, never mind car upholstery protectants. In this article, I’ll tell you exactly what upholstery sealants are, whether…

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What Is The Best Car Wax For Your Tesla?

Red Tesla

Now that you’ve got your brand new Model S, it’s only right that you want to take care of it and maintain it properly. Waxing your Tesla will not only help it maintain the mirror-like finish, but also…

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Best Glass Sealants: Best Car Windshield Wax

Imagine being able to drive your car and not have to deal with the dirty windshield afterward. I’m going to tell you how to wash away all of those bug splats, salt marks, and much more, without the…

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Don’t Wax Before Ceramic Coating, Here’s Why!

Audi Car In Rain

Ceramic coating is a finishing product that’s applied to your vehicle by hand. The purpose behind it is to protect, maintain and enhance the paintwork of your vehicle. There’s absolutely no doubt that Ceramic Coating is the best…

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Paint Sealant vs Ceramic Coating: Which Is Best?

Ceramic Coating Application

The world of car detailing is forever advancing. Whether it’s wash techniques or car products, everyone is trying to care for their car that little bit extra. If you ask me, the ceramic coating is a welcome advancement…

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How To Remove Car Wax (Quickly & Safely)

How To Remove Car Wax

Washing your vehicle on a regular basis and applying fresh wax or sealants help to keep your car looking its best. Car wax works best when it’s applied to the paintwork of a car that is 100% clean….

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How-To Wax A Car (Complete Guide & FAQ)

applying car wax

Gone are the days of giving your car a simple rinse with the garden hose. Now, when you wash your car there are many extra stages and products that you can implement into your washing regime to make…

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