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How To Remove Car Wax (Quickly & Safely)

How To Remove Car Wax

Washing your vehicle on a regular basis and applying fresh wax or sealants help to keep your car looking its best. Car wax works best when it’s applied to the paintwork of a car that is 100% clean….

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How-To Wax A Car (Complete Guide & FAQ)

applying car wax

Gone are the days of giving your car a simple rinse with the garden hose. Now, when you wash your car there are many extra stages and products that you can implement into your washing regime to make…

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Ceramic Coating Cost: Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Ceramic Coating

In recent years ceramic coating has risen in popularity, but, there are still many car casuals & enthusiasts that don’t know what it does. Because of this, many detailers and manufacturers have been able to oversell exactly what…

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