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What is The Best Pre-Wash For Cars?

The Best Pre-Wash For Cars

Pre-washing your car helps to prevent scratches and makes stubborn dirt much easier to remove. The question is… what is the best pre wash for cars? I’m sure that you’re already aware of snow foam. It’s by far…

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How To Clean A Sticky Steering Wheel

How To Clean Sticky Steering Wheels

There’s nothing worse than trying to turn the steering wheel in a car and sticking to it because it’s so tacky. The dirt and bacteria that collects on a steering wheel can be from all sorts of weird…

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How To Prevent Water Spots Drying On Your Car

prevent water spots on cars

Getting water spots on your car isn’t the worst thing that could happen. That said, it can be a big pain. Some are easily removed with water spot removers whereas others require a bit more work. Learning how…

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5 Of The Best Car Drying Aids For A Streak-Free Finish

Best Drying Aids For Streak Free Finish

While drying aids aren’t necessary, they’re very quickly becoming an industry standard. Using a drying aid will help to preserve the finish of your car. There’s no point washing your car if you’re just going to let it…

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How To Get Blood Out Of A Seatbelt (Quick & Easy)

How to get blood out of a seatbelt

There’s a number of reasons why you may have blood on your seatbelt, none of which are particularly pleasant. Whether the blood is a result of a small cut, nosebleed or god-forbid something worse, this article will tell…

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How To Clean Car Windows Without Windex (9 Methods)

Clean car windows without windex

Having clean car windows is important for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason being that it will allow you to see the road and your surroundings clearly. The state of your car windows can also have…

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How To Keep Car Floor Mats Clean (4 Simple Tricks)!

clean floor mats in a mercedes

While the whole point of a car mat is to keep the carpet clean, It’s understandable why you’d want to keep your car mats clean too. Unfortunately, when you have children, animals or any other species in your…

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How To Spot Clean Your Car Exterior

Most people think that washing their car every couple of months is enough. The truth is, spot cleaning your car is more important for keeping your paint looking fresh. When your car gets covered in contamination, the best…

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