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How To Remove Mold & Mildew From Car Exterior

remove mold from car paint

Walking out to your car and seeing mold growing from is enough to concern anyone. There are 3 types of contaminants that you’re likely to see growing on the exterior of your car, these are algae, moss and…

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Best Tire Shine: 10 “No Sling” Tire Dressings

Audi with shiny car tires

Tire Shine (also known as tire dressing) is a product that most people overlook. The tires will get dirty the minute you drive, so why even bother? If you care about how your car looks, you may already…

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Meguiars Car Wash: Ultimate vs Gold Class vs NXT

Meguiars car shampoo comparison thumbnail

In 1901 Frank Meguiar Jr created his first bottle of furniture polish in his garage. In 1910 he decided to move into the automotive industry after realizing that exact same polish would work on wooden vehicles. 110 Years…

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How To Get Tar Off Car Tires

remove tar from car tires

If you live in an area with constant roadworks, I’m sure you already know how much of a pain it is trying to get tar off of car tires. Both asphalt and tar have incredibly sticky properties. As…

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4 Of The Best Car Soaps For Foam Cannons [2021]

While it’s true, you can use any soap in a foam cannon, they won’t work as good as products that are specifically designed for it. Using a foam cannon to apply car soap will speed up the process…

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How To Remove Car Wax (Quickly & Safely)

How To Remove Car Wax

Washing your vehicle on a regular basis and applying fresh wax or sealants help to keep your car looking its best. Car wax works best when it’s applied to the paintwork of a car that is 100% clean….

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How To Use A Foam Cannon (Guide & FAQ)

The effectiveness of foam cannons is a topic that can be debated all day. Truth is, if you’re not using them correctly, you may find them to be a waste of time. I believe they are great but…

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The Easiest Way To Clean Alloy Wheels

Cleaning Car Alloys

Alloy or aluminum wheels are quickly becoming the most common type of wheel used on cars. They’re high strength, lightweight, dissipate heat better and are much more pleasing on the eye. A nice set of alloy wheels will…

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