How To Clean A Sticky Steering Wheel

How To Clean Sticky Steering Wheels

The steering wheel is the part of your car which is touched the most. Thus it’s quick to get dirty and sticky. There’s nothing worse than sticking to your steering wheel every time you go to turn a corner. The dirt and bacteria that collects on a steering wheel can be from all sorts of … Read more

How To Get Blood Out Of A Seatbelt (Quick & Easy)

How to get blood out of a seatbelt

There’s a number of reasons why you may have blood on your seatbelt, none of which are particularly pleasant. Whether the blood is a result of a small cut, nosebleed or god-forbid something worse, this article will tell you all that you need to know. I’m going to to tell you how to get blood … Read more

How To Keep Car Floor Mats Clean (4 Simple Tricks)!

clean floor mats in a mercedes

While the whole point of a car mat is to keep the carpet clean, It’s understandable why you’d want to keep your car mats clean too. Unfortunately, when you have children, animals or any other species in your car that doesn’t understand rules, it’s easier said than done. I recommend trying to prevent as much … Read more

How To Clean Broken Glass From A Car With Ease

Shattered Glass On Car Interior

Whether it’s your fault or not, the frustration of a smashed or shattered windscreen is enough to make anyone mad. When you add cleaning the broken glass into the mix, it’s a whole new level of stress. Even the most stoic may struggle to cope. The most comparable scenarios would be cleaning either sand, grass, … Read more