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The Best Wheel Well Cleaning Brushes [2022]

best wheel well brushes for cleaning wheel liners

When cleaning a car, it’s common for people to neglect the wheel wells. I’m guilty of it myself, more often than not, I just rinse them off as part of the pre-wash stage. Depending on the type of…

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Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Review – The #1 Wheel Cleaner?

Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel Review

Bilt Hamber is an award-winning car detailing and finishing product manufacturer. They’re a UK-based manufacturer that ships all around Europe. They’ve started to branch out into the States, but, it will cost you significantly more to buy a…

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Best Ceramic Coating For Wheels (2022)

best ceramic wheel coatings

With ceramic coatings becoming more affordable and easier to use, companies are creating coatings for more and more surfaces. People have always toyed with the idea of putting regular coatings on alloys. However, the effectiveness is always brought…

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How To Apply Tire Shine In Minutes (5-Step Guide)

Apply tire shine

Tire Shine, also known as tire dressing, is a very simple product. It’s a product that does exactly what it says on the label, adds shine to your tires. The fact that the best tire shine can also…

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The Easiest Way To Clean Alloy Wheels

Cleaning Car Alloys

Alloy or aluminum wheels are quickly becoming the most common type of wheel used on cars. They’re high strength, lightweight, dissipate heat better and are much more pleasing on the eye. A nice set of alloy wheels will…

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How to Clean & Protect Car Wheel Wells

Wheel Well Liner On A Truck

When it comes to detailing cars there are areas that people are guilty of overlooking. The wheel wells are one of the most neglected areas on a car, It could be because they’re somewhat hidden and out of…

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