How-To Wax A Car (Complete Guide & FAQ)

applying car wax

Gone are the days of giving your car a simple rinse with the garden hose. Now, when you wash your car there are many extra stages and products that you can implement into your washing regime to make your car look even better. One of the post-wash stages is waxing. Car wax has been around … Read more

Best Snow Foam For Washing Cars

The Best Snow Foams

Often overlooked by casuals, pre-washing and snow-foaming has quickly become a key step in properly caring for and cleaning a car. Snow foam is much more than just a pretty foam. Choosing the best snow foam could be the difference between effectively pre-washing your car, or wasting your time. The best snow foams offer great … Read more

Best way to wash a car without scratching it

The more you drive your car, the more often you will have to wash it, especially in the winter months. Unfortunately, most swirl marks happen due to improper techniques used while washing and drying a car. Learning the best way to wash a car without scratching it will keep your car looking good, and prevent … Read more