When To Use A Wool Buffing Pad

When to use wool buffing pads

Wool buffing pads get a bad reputation. Yes, they can leave a car covered in buffer trails, but no, it’s not because of the pad itself. Just because some amateur detailers had a hard time using wool buffing pads does not make them rubbish! In-fact, they can be great tools if you spend time learning … Read more

How To Remove Road Paint From A Car

How to remove road paint

Whenever you take your car out on the road, it’s always susceptible to the environment, no matter what you do. You probably didn’t expect to get road paint on your car though, right? If you’re prone to driving in the middle of the road or have driven over road lines for some other reason, you … Read more

How To Clay Bar Car Headlights

Clean Headlight

The front of your car is most prone to stubborn contaminants. Whether it’s road tar or bug splatters, they almost always end up on the front of your car. As you drive along, bugs, moths, and other insects will be dive-bombing towards your headlights resulting in a horrible splat that you now have to clean … Read more