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How To Remove Bird Poop Etchings From Your Car

how to remove bird poop etchings from a car

If you’re someone that loves to keep their car clean, you’ll know how much of a burden birds can be (and I don’t mean girlfriends). I’m speaking about those with wings. The birds that see your clean car…

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When To Use A Wool Buffing Pad

When to use wool buffing pads

Wool buffing pads get a bad reputation. Yes, they can leave a car covered in buffer trails, but no, it’s not because of the pad itself. Just because some amateur detailers had a hard time using wool buffing…

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Polishing A Car With A Drill: How To Buff Cars With A Drill

Polish your car using a drill thumbnail

When it comes to waxing and polishing a car, there are two different ways to do it. You can either do it by hand or machine. Waxing and polishing by hand is the most effort and will produce…

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Best Cheap Dual Action Polishers

Best Cheap Dual Action Polisher Zota Polisher

There’s no beating around the bush, detailing and caring for your car can be an expensive hobby. After buying a pressure washer, foam cannon, snow foam, and many other products or equipment, you probably don’t have the money…

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Best Dual Action Polishers For Beginners [2022]

Best DA Polisher For beginners

The dual action polisher is often referred to as a “DA”. “DA” is simply an acronym for “Dual Action” and is much quicker and easier to say. A Dual Action polisher is one of many ways to polish…

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Best Lubricant For Clay Bars: Prevent Paint Marring!

best clay lubricant

Clay Barring your car is generally seen as a good thing, but, for some it’s a scary process. If you clay bar your car using incorrect techniques, there is a serious chance of causing damage to the paintwork…

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How To Remove Road Paint From A Car

How to remove road paint

Whenever you take your car out on the road, it’s always susceptible to the environment, no matter what you do. You probably didn’t expect to get road paint on your car though, right? If you’re prone to driving…

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How To Clay Bar Car Headlights

Clean Headlight

The front of your car is most prone to stubborn contaminants. Whether it’s road tar or bug splatters, they almost always end up on the front of your car. As you drive along, bugs, moths, and other insects…

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