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Best Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Cleaner

The Best Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaners

It’s funny how some of the most frightening and worrying car problems can actually be the easiest to fix. One of the issues that people commonly face are dirty MAF Sensors. The Mass Air Flow Sensor handles measuring…

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How will a roof rack affect your cars performance?

Having a roof rack on your car is beneficial if you’re trying to move luggage or luxuries from A to B. Some roof racks even look good on a car! (Volvo C30’s come to mind). However, at the…

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How To Jack Up A Car (Lifting All 4 Wheels)

Jack Up Car Lifting All 4 Wheels

Jacking up a car can be a very intimidating process for any newbie mechanic or car enthusiast. In reality it’s a simple task, but there’s certainly things that can go wrong. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary procedure for a…

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How To Avoid Stone Chips

avoid stone chips

As a car enthusiast or someone that takes pride in their vehicle, seeing your car covered in minor imperfections can be frustrating. Unfortunately, stone chips are a common occurrence and are here to stay. Thankfully there are things…

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How To Get Tar Off Car Tires

remove tar from car tires

If you live in an area with constant roadworks, I’m sure you already know how much of a pain it is trying to get tar off of car tires. Both asphalt and tar have incredibly sticky properties. As…

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Buying a car with hail damage? You Probably Shouldn’t

Buy Hail Damaged Car

As you likely already know, every time you’re buying a second-hand car, it’s beneficial to check it over before coming to a conclusion. Doing this will help you to decide whether the car is worth its asking price….

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10 Tips to protect your car from hail damage

Protect your car from hail

The weather around the world is forever changing, mostly for the worst. As the weather grows more extreme, so do the hail storms. It’s very easy to underestimate hail storms, especially if you live in an area where…

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How To Disconnect A Car Battery Safely

car battery

The car battery is a necessity. It’s what generates enough electrical current to start your motor and without it, you’ll get nowhere. The car battery is literally the beginning and the end of a car electrical system. It’s…

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