Dry Ice Dent Removal? Is it legit?

When it comes to Paintless Dent Repair there are many methods that genuinely make you think “WTF?”.

But there are also many theories, methods, and myths that logically may work and many people believe do work.

Dry Ice Dent Removal is definitely one of the more believable theories and it shows. Many PDR companies have to say they don’t do this procedure because they’re asked about it so frequently!

So, using dry ice to remove dents, What’s the thought behind it? Where did the idea come from? and is it legit? All of the answers are listed below.

I’ll let you in on a quick secret. It doesn’t work! You’d be much better off with a DIY PDR Kit or paying an actual professional to do the repair!

How to remove dents with Dry Ice (The Theory)

If you understand the basics of thermodynamics and how metal works, it’s fairly easy to see why many people believe it could be a legitimate PDR procedure.

The steel and aluminum sheet metal that is used on cars is incredibly flexible and under the right conditions, you will be able to shape into anything you want.

To shape metal, you have to heat it up, when the metal on your car is heated it will expand ever so slightly and as you’d expect when the car metal is frozen cold it contracts.

So for this method what you would want to do is grab a heat gun and blast the dent and surrounding area with heat.

Once you feel the panel is hot enough and the metal has expanded you would apply dry ice to the dent. Dry ice is so cold that it’d make the metal contract very quickly, popping the metal back into place thus removing the dent. (Again, this is just a theory).

Where the theory came from

It’s believed that dry ice dent removal was used in body shops back in the day. The way metal was formed back then was different and actually responded very well to this procedure.

Unfortunately, there are no videos or old-time body shop technicians that are able to provide proof of this actually working. You’d have to go pretty far back, it’s said to have worked on cars made before the 1980s.

Does dry ice dent removal actually work?

No, it does not. It’s an interesting train of thought that has led to many entertaining youtube videos trying to prove the theory, but it will not help remove any dents from your vehicle.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE DRY ICE ON YOUR VEHICLE! If you want to know how bad it could be for the paint of your car, let’s just say “dry ice blasting” is used in paint stripping and surface preparation.

If you want to avoid potentially ruining your paint further and wasting your time, don’t even consider using dry ice.

How you can actually remove dents from your vehicle

Most of the time, depending on dent size and the condition of the paint you may need to hand it over to a professional body shop or PDR Technician. That way you can get a repair that you’re happy with.

Unfortunately, professional bodywork is very expensive and paying for repairs may be unrealistic.

Thankfully there are some cheap DIY PDR kits you can use to remove minor dents and hail damage. Some learning is required upfront but they are made so that consumers can fix dents in minutes.

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