How To Apply Tire Shine In Minutes (5-Step Guide)

Tire Shine, also known as tire dressing, is a very simple product.

It’s a product that does exactly what it says on the label, adds shine to your tires.

The fact that the best tire shine can also increase the life of your tires is a much welcome bonus, but it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Despite being a very simple product, there are ways to incorrectly apply it.

The main problem you’ll face with tire shine is “slinging”, now this can be the product’s fault, but it can also be because of poor application.

“Slinging” refers to the tire shine product flying off of your vehicle onto the paintwork of your car, creating a dirty spot of product that needs to be cleaned off.

Learn how to apply tire shine quickly and correctly to avoid slinging and tire degradation. You’ll also make your car stand out and draw attention in the process.

How To Apply Tire Shine

Listed below is the equipment that you’ll need to apply tire shine. You’ll also find 5 easy to follow steps that will help you to apply tire shine in a matter of minutes.


While some tire shines are truly unique and have their own application methods, most of them are straightforward and can be applied properly with very little equipment.

You’ll need a tire shine solution, a foam applicator pad to apply the product and a microfiber towel to wipe any residue from the tire.

Step 1: Clean The Tires

Could you imagine waxing a dirty car? No. The same goes for your tires.

Normally you’re dressing the tires last, so if you’ve performed a full wash using snow foam, car shampoo and rinse the car with a pressure washer, they should be clean enough.

If you still see dirt on the tires, make sure to grab your pressure washer and maybe even a brush to clean any remaining contamination away.

Step 2: Dry Your Tires

Some products claim to work on a wet tire, such as AutoGlym Tire Dressing, however, I’d recommend drying your tires first.

Applying the product when the tires are wet may encourage slinging or wash away the product before it even gets a chance to dry on the tire.

You can experiment if you’d like, but there’s a reason why most detailers recommend applying tire shine to a dry tire.

Step 3: Apply The Tire Shine

As previously touched on, some products have unique methods of application. Make sure to read any instructions that come with the tire shine before going any further.

That being said, the quickest and safest way to apply most tire shines is the following:

  1. Spray The Product Onto A Foam Pad – If you spray it directly onto the tire you may have overspray landing on your brakes, alloys, or paintwork.

  2. Apply The Tire Shine In An Even Fashion – Most tire shine applicators will do the work for you, but make sure to apply an even coat. You don’t want dull or faded areas left on the tire.

  3. Assess Whether It Needs Another Coat – Most tire shine products will give you a natural look with their first coat. The more you apply, the “wetter” your tire will look (within reason).

If you’re wondering how different products require different types of application, GYEON Q2 Tire Shine recommends pre-heating the surface before application.

Step 4: Let The Tire Shine Dry

If your tire shine comes with a step-by-step guide or some sort of instructions it’s best you follow them. However step 4 is potentially the last step.

At this stage you can either let the tire shine dry, or you can wipe it dry yourself using a clean sponge or microfiber towel.

After a couple of times using the product, feel free to experiment with it. Why not let it dry on the tires one time and compare it to wiping it dry another?

Step 5: Wipe Away Any Remaining Tire Shine

Regardless of the drying method you chose in step 4, it’s super important to check your tires for any remaining product residue.

It only takes a couple of minutes to quickly go around 4 tires with a dry cloth or sponge to take off any remaining product residue.

If you applied the product onto clean tires that were dry, you probably won’t have much left to wipe away, especially if it was a water-based tire shine.

Depending on how cautious you want to be, you may even want to leave your car to sit for a day to make sure that the product doesn’t sling.

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