Snap On Ratcheting Screwdriver (SSDMR4B) Review

Snap On Ratcheting Screwdriver Review SSDMR4B

There is an abundance of ratcheting screwdrivers on the market. Unfortunately, many of them are not good. I don’t think any of them will ever come close to the Snap-On ratcheting screwdriver. Anyone that’s ever bought snap-on tools, will know it’s hard to find a tool as good as the snap-on equivalent. TengTools and Stanley … Read more

How To Clean Bondo Off Tools – 5 Simple Tricks

If you’re new to applying Bondo, you’ll know how much of a mess you can get into. When you’re still learning to apply filler and Bondo properly, it gets everywhere. It gets even worse when applying glazing putty since it’s a lot thinner and runnier. As you become more experienced, it’ll get less messy. However, … Read more

The Best Pre Wash For Cars: 7 Pre-Wash Solutions

The Best Pre-Wash For Cars

Do you ever find yourself washing your car and begin to get annoyed by the dirt that sticks to the car? This is because you’re not using a pre-wash. Some of the best pre-washes will have your car 90% clean before you even do a hand wash. The best pre-wash for cars will attack the … Read more

7 Amazing Car Detailing Bags: Clean Your Car On The Go

Best Car Detailing Bags For Storing Polishers & Products

Car detailing bags are an essential tool for mobile detailing businesses. They’re also very useful for anyone that goes to clean their cars with family & friends. As well as those who want to prep their car at car shows. I have two or three at home. Being able to store all my products and … Read more