How To Organize Sockets In Your Tool Chest & Tool Bag

how to organize sockets and tools in your tool chest

For some it’s “organized chaos”, for others it’s a complete mess. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tradesman trying to earn bonus or a weekend mechanic, organizing your tools is something that’s important but is always overlooked. In this article, I’m going to show you how to organize sockets in your tool chest and/or tool … Read more

The Best Gloves For Washing Cars In The Winter

best gloves for washing cars in the winter

We’re all guilty of it. The cold weather begins, the days get shorter and the road salt starts to build up over time. You’re not the only one to neglect your car during the winter, we all do it. One of the reasons I find myself putting off washing my car is simply because of … Read more

Every Type Of Auto Body Sanding Tool Explained!

Types Of Auto Body Sanding Tools

Having the right tools for a job can make it a lot easier. However, in the world of auto body repairs, having the right tools is crucial to getting the job done correctly. Every panel on a car is different. They’re different shapes, different sizes and even have different lines & contours. Using a combination … Read more

Best Auto Trim Removal Tools

best auto trim tools

Car Trim Removal Tools come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. They’re all used for the same thing though. Removing pieces of trim, plugs from connectors and general prying. The most common trim tools are plastic and after a bit of heavy use, start to breakdown becoming blunt and hard to use. In this … Read more

How To Remove Car Trim Adhesive

How To Remove Car Trim Adhesive

If you’ve ever removed mouldings, trims or even car badges, you probably also uncovered a horrible dirty adhesive. While most trims and mouldings are clipped into the car in one way or another, a lot of them are also taped or sealed to the car. The same goes for number plates. A lot of them … Read more

Best Ceramic Coating For Wheels (2022)

best ceramic wheel coatings

With ceramic coatings becoming more affordable and easier to use, companies are creating coatings for more and more surfaces. People have always toyed with the idea of putting regular coatings on alloys. However, the effectiveness is always brought into question. The problem is that your wheels reach much higher temperatures than the car body panels … Read more