Best Spray Bottles For Car Detailing

You’ll know it yourself, there’s nothing more disappointing than buying a detailing product and finding out that the spray bottle is rubbish.

A lot of manufacturers think that the bottle is an area they can save money, lowering production costs and increasing margins.

As a result, I often stick to using brands that I know have good bottle.

Brands that have good bottles are Griots, GYEON, Chemical Guys & Adams but there are times where you’ll need to transfer the product into your own.

If you’re someone that details car a lot, and buy products in-vast quantities, they normally come in a concentrate that you have to dilute yourself.

Having some high-quality spray bottles will allow you to dilute the product into smaller quantities while also letting you control the strength of the product.

Below is a list of the best car detailing spray bottles.

Best Car Detailing Spray Bottles

For me, the best spray bottles have a number of qualities.

The most important thing is that they’re non-porous and air-tight. I don’t want to walk into my garage and get high off the chemicals or have spillages everywhere.

Most important after that, the type of trigger that it has and how much volume it can hold.

Of course, if you can get a good a bottle that looks good on your shelf that’s an added bonus.

The bottles listed below are what I consider to be the best car detailing spray bottles available today.

Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Sprayer

Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Sprayer Bottle

As I already mentioned, I like to stick with reputable brands when possible. This way you know what you’re getting, and if you’re not satisfied, they do their best to solve your problem.

The chemical guys sell a 16oz container with various different heads.

You can choose one with the Heavy Duty Sprayer, “natural sprayer”, a spout cap or just the bottle itself.

I recommend the Heavy Duty Sprayer because it pumps out 1.3ml of product per stroke, meaning less strokes and up to 40% more product.

The main downside is that the spray pattern isn’t adjustable. It’s a set misting. While it does a good job, I know that some people prefer more control over the spray pattern.

Despite the limited spray pattern, it’s probably one of the best spray heads I’ve used. It’s very durable, feels great in the hand and is resistant to strong cleaners and degreasers.

The container also comes with a blank label that shows clear measurements and allows you to write the product name & dilution on the front so that you remember for later use.

Overall it’s a great bottle that comes with a great sprayer. The only problem is that it’s a little pricey “for a piece of plastic”.

You can certainly get cheaper, but they wont have the same quality.

Buy the Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Sprayer From Amazon.

Adam’s Empty Labelled Bottle

Adams Polishes Spray Bottle

Adams is another well-known detailing brand and one that I trust very much.

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you’ll know just how much I like them as a brand. Their products are also made in the states, so it feels even better knowing you’re supporting a US business.

The empty Adams bottles are the same size as the chemical guys ones. Holding up to 16oz of your favourite product or homemade solutions.

What’s great about this bottle is the fact they recommend putting wheel cleaner and TFR in it. They’re really strong products, so they’re confident in the quality of the bottles.

Each bottle replicates the ones that they use for holding product, so in theory you could just buy the ones with product, but they don’t come with blank labels.

Adams also guarantee 110% satisfaction, so if you’re not happy, they’ll do their best to make it right.

If you’re buying just one bottle, it works out to be the most expensive on the list. However, if you’re going for the 5 pack, they’re actually a cheaper option than the before mentioned chemical guys bottle.

Buy Adams Empty Labelled Bottles From Amazon

Harris Professional Spray Bottle

Harris Pro Spray Bottles For Car Detailing

In the middle of the pack, these Harris Professional Spray bottles are a great option.

While they’re not from a recognised detailing brand, they offer great value for money and are feature rich.

With an adjustable nozzle, you can decide wether to mist the product onto your car, or spray a solid stream.

The spray head also have a 4 finger trigger which makes it slightly easier on your hands with prolonged use. (Great for quick detailers & clay bar lubes).

You’ll also find that these bottles hold the most volume out of the ones on this list. Holding up to 32 oz of product.

What I love about these bottles is the fact that they’re also clear with well defined measurements. This makes for simple mixing, you can dilute products without even thinking.

I believe that these bottles offer the best value for money. The only downside is that they spray head isn’t as robust as I’d like.

Buy the Harris Professional Spray Bottles From Amazon.

Uineko Heavy Duty Spraying Bottles

uineko spray bottles for cleaning and detailing

If you’re working on a budget and can’t afford to splash $10+ per bottle, then these Uineko bottles offer great value for money.

Coming in a 4-pack, these bottles work out at less than $5 per bottle and they’re pretty feature rich too.

Holding 24oz of volume, these bottles are chemical resistant. They’re also recommended for industrial & commercial use, meaning they’ll hold detailing products for years without issue.

Unlike the other bottles mentioned so far, the spray head comes with an adjustable stream. Meaning you can choose between a fine mist to a solid stream.

These spray bottles also hold a little more volume. It’s not a huge benefit, but it’s always nice to have.

The main downsides of these bottles is the fact that they feel so cheap.

They’re also not transparent. While there’s clear measurements and you can see enough to mix product, I much prefer the clear Harris bottles.

That said, I think everyone can benefit from having some of these bottles.

They’re so cheap and are great to have around for temporary storage solution or for products that you don’t use often but don’t want to pour away and waste.

Buy the Uineko Heavy Duty Spray Bottles From Amazon.

Autoglym Pump Spray Bottle

Autoglym pump spray bottle

For those in the UK, you probably recognize the Autoglym brand.

It’s by far the most popular detailing brand, or at least the most commonly used among UK businesses.

For some reason, there’s a serious lack of spray bottles in the UK, at least from reputable detailing brands. The only other options I found were Autofinesse or Sonax.

Sure, you could probably pick up cheap bottles at home bargains or some other cheap store, but they’re not the same… are they?

The Autoglym pump spray bottles come in a pack of 3 and hold up to 500ml of solution. They’re also chemical resistant and 100% leak free.

Again, they’re completely transparent and even have measurement markings on the bottle to help you mix-up solution.

For the price, they’re not bad at all. You can get 3 bottles which cost you less than a fiver each.

You can buy the Autoglym Pump Spray Bottles from Amazon.