Can Bondo Be Used On Plastic?

Yes, Bondo can be used on plastic. Almost all Bondo will work on plastic but some are more suited than others. Using flexible fillers that are designed for plastic surfaces is the best practice. Different substrates have different properties and act differently. So it’s best to use the right bondo, to prevent defects from occurring. … Read more

Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care Review

Autoglym Vinyl and rubber care review

It’s essential to keep the cockpit of your car in the best possible shape. Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber care will help you do just that! As a driver, you pay more attention to your dashboard and interior than you may think. It’s also what the next person who buys the car will look at when … Read more

Fiberglass Vs Bondo / Body Filler: Which Is Better?

fiberglass vs bondo

Fiberglass and Bondo are both commonly used in the body repair industry. They both do the same job. Helping to fill in dents, scratches, and other imperfections in your metalwork. Despite achieving the same outcome, they’re both very different products. In this article, I’ll tell you when to use Fiberglass vs Bondo and vice versa. … Read more

How Thick Can Body Filler Be?

How thick can body filler be?

Just because you can cave and pave using body filler doesn’t mean you should. The thickness of body filler is a widely debated topic in the body repair industry. Generally, having more than 3mm of filler in your repair is considered bad practice. Yet, if you look at the technical data sheets, you’ll see max … Read more

Can you put bondo over paint?

can you put bondo over paint

The quick answer is yes, you can put Bondo over paint, but only certain ones. I see it every day in a bustling body shop and hasn’t caused any issues in years. That said, applying Bondo over paint is one of the most debated topics in auto body. Any old-school technician will tell you to … Read more

All Metal Body Filler Vs Bondo

All metal body filler vs bondo

In autobody, there are many different types of fillers or Bondo. The most commonly used ones are body filler, metal filler, fiberglass, and glaze/Bondo. Every type of filler has different benefits and uses. Metal filler is no different. In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about all metal body fillers. I’ll … Read more

Dolphin Glaze Review: Why Its The Best Glaze

Dolphin Glaze Review

Dolphin Glaze is the best glaze available today. It will completely change how you do filler and Bondo work. Making your repairs feel 100x better. By the end of this dolphin glaze review, I promise you that it will become your most used Bondo. I use it every day in the trade and I couldn’t … Read more